Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sam Elliot As A T-Rex Wanders Into The Final Trailer For The Good Dinosaur

If 20th Century Fox tends to advertise their family films in a hyperactive manner that tries to toss in as many references to modern pop culture as possible (the perfect proof of this is the placement of DJ Khaled's All I Do Is Win in the trailer for a freaking Charlie Brown movie), it seems Disney has decided to market the animated features from Walt Disney Animation Studios and PIXAR in a manner that allows them to embrace the fact that a number of the films from both studios are known to generate "feels". Notice how the trailers for Big Hero 6 and Inside Out had action and humor a-plenty, but also didn't shy away from displaying the more heart-tugging moments of the proceedings.

The final trailer for The Good Dinosaur is a prime example of this marketing approach, as the more emotional parts of the story are what get the lions share of attention. Check out this final trailer, which also offers glimpses at the unique designs for the films interpretations of dinos like the triceratops, T-rex and velociraptor, below!

I've made it no secret in the past that I'm a huge PIXAR fanboy. And really, how can one not be a fan of the studio that's brought the world such classic films like the Toy Story trilogy, Inside Out, Ratatouille, WALL-E or Up? With all that being said, The Good Dinosaur doesn't look bad from the multiple trailers I've seen, far from it, but it doesn't look life-altering in any notable way. Granted, many PIXAR trailers haven't given accurate quality representations of the films they're marketing, and that checkered past is why I'm still eagerly awaiting this motion picture.

I do want to air out my primary concern with this movie, which is that I'm seriously concerned that it's going to fall into the trap of becoming episodic. Hopefully the film itself has larger character arcs and plot threads to connect the various adventures Arlo and Spot get into (like past PIXAR road trip film Finding Nemo managed to do excellently), otherwise, we could be in for another PIXAR misfire like Cars 2 or Brave. But I've got faith that director Peter Sohn could potentially pull this off, the visuals look gorgeous and some of the emotional beats of this final trailer are nice. I'm slightly apprehensive, but the PIXAR fanboy in me guarantees that I'll be seeing The Good Dinosaur as soon as humanly possible when it arrives in theaters everywhere November 25.

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