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Lisa Laman doesn't just write on Land of the Nerds! Lisa Laman's thoughts on subjects ranging from pop culture to box office figures to Autism advice columns can be found all over the internet! Here is a helpful place where you can access all the websites and podcasts Lisa Laman has appeared on! 

The Anna-Melissa Tribune
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The Spool
"A Look Back At Terminator: Salvation Ten Years Later"
"The Unconventional Heroism of The Matrix"
"Defying Labels: A Brief History of Bisexuality in Film"
"Toy Story 4's Opening Weekend Shows Why PIXAR Shows Patience"
"Annabelle Comes Home Fails to Scare Up Big Box Office Returns"
"Spider-Man: Far From Home Breaks the Summer-Season Doldrums"
"Spider-Man Conquers Gators and Uber Drivers"
"The Lion King is Pride of the Box Office With Record-Setting Opening Weekend"
"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Has Glitzy Opening"
"Hobbs & Shaw Tops The Box Office But Slows Down Compared To Its Predecessors"
"Slacker: How a Low-Budget Film Inspired A Whole Subculture"
"Good Boys Proves R-Rated Comedies Aren't Dead"
"Law Abiding Citizens Everywhere Line Up For Angel Has Fallen"
"Angel Has Fallen Is Playing For Keeps"
"It: Chapter Two Kills The Competition"
"Hustlers Isn't Clowning Around"
"Stand By Me Tells a Grand Story on a Small Scale"
"Gird Your Monocles, Downton Abbey Tops The Box Office"
"Audiences Don't Give Abominable The Cold Shoulder"
"Joker's Opening Weekend Is Far From Damaged"
"Joker Gets The Last Laugh"
"Hell Is Real and It's Las Vegas in Casino"
"Maleficent Loses Its Magic, Zombieland Rises"
"Joker Keeps Dancing Its Way to the Top"
"Arctic Dogs Review: It Turns Your Brain To Mush"
"Terminator: Dark Fate Doesn't Break The T3 Curse"
"The Report is a Mostly Successful Political Thriller"
"Doctor Sleep Loses the War to Midway"
"Ford v. Ferrari Review: High-Octane Entertainment"
"The Immersive Pleasure of Fantastic Mr. Fox"
"Ford v. Ferrari Takes Pole Position"
"Dark Waters Fights the Power to Mixed Results"
"Klaus Puts an Animated Spin on Santa"
"Frozen II Beats The Bitter Thanksgiving Cold"

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