Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A New Trolls Trailer Brings On The Justin Timberlake Tune (You Know Which One) And Fecal Cupcakes

DreamWorks Animation next big bid to get a new franchise going (following non-starters like Rise Of The Guardians, Turbo, Mr. Peabody & Sherman & Penguins Of Madagascar) is Trolls, a movie adaptation of those Troll dolls that have been big toy business for nearly 60 years now. In terms of toy to movie adaptations, DreamWorks obviously hopes this one will be more on the order of The LEGO Movie than Battleship. Well, there's a new trailer out now for you to watch and get a better look at the world Trolls has concocted for its tiny fantasy critters to inhabit.

I do like some of the designs of this brightly-colored world, which do look quite unlike anything else DreamWorks Animation has made in the past. I'm getting an Aardman vibe from some of the creatures the two lead Trolls encounter too, maybe solely because of the lips on stuff like those spiders. And that Can't Stop This Feeling!! song (Which was released back on May 5th and has now become the song of the summer) is catchy for sure. As for the rest? Well, it doesn't look as irritating as, say, the Alvin And The Chipmunks movies for instance, but it doesn't look very promising. The hyper-cutesy pie world of the Trolls looks like it's gonna get tiring real quickly and it all feels like it was made off an assembly line for a typical America computer-animated family movie. Celebrity voices? Check, especially if your definition of a celebrity in 2016 extends to Russel Brand (did they drudge that guy up from a pipe somewhere?) Pop songs (there are original musical numbers here but the characters also sing recognizable tunes like The Sound Of Silence)? Plenty of 'em! A joke about bodily functions? Three pieces of cupcake defecation, coming right up! As Hans Landa would say....
Hopefully Trolls as a movie has more going for it than its painfully generic trailer, which could almost work as a parody of conventional American computer-animated fare. There's a lot of talented people in here and a well-crafted original musical can be tough to beat. But boy does this new trailer not look promising, even if it is an improvement on that first teaser from back in January that had the James Corden voiced Troll twerking his ass for all to see.

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