Thursday, March 10, 2016

Charge Into Battle With The New Captain America: Civil War Trailer!

Howdy-do everyone! I've been quite busy today,went and finally saw Zootopia today (So good!) and grabbed a bite for lunch, so I haven't had a chance to pop up onto the interwebs. Anything big happen while I was out?

Wait...what??? Are you serious???

Oh my God, they're making a TV show out of the recurring Carpool Karaoke skit on James Cordens late night show? How's that gonna work as a recurring television program?

Oh, and there's a new Captain America trailer, that's also big.

You've seen Captain America fight Nazi's, aliens, HYDRA, his best pal Bucky, robots and Michael Cera. But this May, what happens when the Star Spangled Man with a plan has to face his own best pals? That's the conceit behind Captain America: Civil War, the third solo Captain America outing that continues the plot threads of his second movie, The Winter Soldier (namely, Bucky coming back into the modern world as brainwashed assassin The Winter Soldier) while incorporating a number of other figures from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (i.e. The Vision, Black Panther, Ant-Man) as supporting characters.

That sounds like a mighty tall order for one movie to fulfill, but the high quality of The Winter Soldier and the first trailer for the film released back in November have had me jacked for this new Steve Rogers adventure. And now, to further amp up the hype, here's a new Civil War trailer, one that delivers oodles of new footage.

So, um, yeah. This trailer is perfect.

I know the MCU is not to everyone's liking, and that's totally fine. But oh my God you guys, that trailer. Sorry, I'm going full on fanboy here. This trailer is glorious. Each moment is a successive new peak of awesomeness. Oh, you think it can't get any cooler than Black Panther leaping up and slashing the tires? How about if Black Panther gets shot at by a helicopter and doesn't even blink? Is that not enough? What about Ant-Man leaping off of one of Hawkeye's arrows? And of course, that final shot delivers our first look at Spider-Man, whose got moving eyes and an appearance obviously inspired by his very first appearence in Amazing Fantasy #15.

But for me, the best moment comes at the end, as Tony Stark tells Cap to stand down and our hero looks up and repeats one of his defining pieces of dialogue from the first movie: "I Could do this all day". Goddamn marketing team, take a bow. This is one great trailer that manages to combine spectacle a-plenty while also establishing that this is clearly a Captain America movie. Like I said, maybe superhero movies ain't your bag, and that's totally fine. As for me though? Oh my word, this trailer was perfect in getting me hyped for this one. Bring on the war I say, especially if we get more looks at Spider-Mans spiffy looking costume!

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