Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Disney And Marvel Announce Protest Against LGBTQA-Discriminatory Bill In Georgia

Over in the state of Georgia, there is a "religious liberty bill" that will allow businesses to discriminate against same-sex couples. How far has this bill gotten? Well, the only thing preventing it from being enacted currently is the approval of Governor Nathan Deal. Numerous figures have already showed resistance to such a law coming to fruition, for obvious reasons, including the NFL (who are noting that such a law being passed could put Georgia out of the running for being a state to host the Super Bowl) and now, another big company has thrown their support behind dismissing the bill.

Have you ever heard of the companies Disney and Marvel? They're these little indie film operations and, as first reported by Variety, they've vocally expressed today that they will film their movies in other areas if the discriminatory law is passed. And to put things into perspective, this isn't Disney threatening to film Beverly Hills Chihuahua 4 in another state, Marvel Studios regularly shoots their project in Georgia. Captain America: Civil War shot numerous sequences there, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is currently filming in the state and I believe Avengers: Infinity War is also planned to film there. This studio leaving Georgia would mean the loss of thousands jobs for numerous residents of the state and a major dent in its economy.

Social change does not came easily. We have to fight for what we want in this world, just ask the peaceful protestors who followed Martin Luther King Jr. into a crusade for basic human rights and were met with violence and racially fueled hatred. This continues today, as Black Lives Matter activists try to raise awareness for racially motivated violence, civil rights groups for Muslim-Americans having to deal with relentless Islamaphobic statements from Ted Cruz and Donald Trump while LGBTQA individuals continue to campaign for the right to live how they choose without having to worry about it compromising their own employment.

Marvel and Disney certainly don't have as much to lose as average citizens who campaign for equality; Black Lives Matter protesters get beat up at Trump rallies on a frequent basis while Disney/Marvel will easily be able to find another state where they can film their superhero movies. That being said, a massive corporation like this publically throwing support behind turning down a hate-filled bill like this is wonderful to see. Numerous characters have both Marvel and Disney have inspired human beings for decades and it's awesome to see these companies taking a cue from such rousing fictitious creations and try to make some lasting changes for the better for this world. Hopefully other companies, both big and small, similarly throw their support behind this bill and it can fade off into the homophobia-laced abyss.

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