Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A New Finding Dory Trailer Has A Certain Memory Challenged Fish Searching For Her Family

PIXAR has a deluge of sequels to their classic films on the way in the next few years, with the next three years bringing (in order of release) Cars 3, Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2. Before all of those films, 2016 will deliver Finding Dory, a follow-up to one of the studios biggest features, Finding Nemo. This time, as the title makes clear, the focus has shifted to scene-stealer Dory (Ellen Degeneres) and her own adventure. A new trailer for the movie has been released today, and you can watch it below.

I get that Finding Nemo is a huge movie, but am I the only who feels like the marketing for this movie (which, I freely admit, has only contained two trailers and a handful of posters thus far) is resting on its laurels a bit too much? The marketing so far feels a tad too skewed towards being a remix of all of the notable moments of the first movie (there's Crush the surfer sea turtle! And Mr. Ray! And Dory is speaking whale again!) instead of offering up a substantial amount of new environments and plot points for audiences to latch onto. I dunno, I could totally be off here, but this one may need to kick its marketing up a notch in the next three months ahead.

Anywho, back to the trailer at hand, which is...fine, I guess? It's an unmemorable trailer for my money, being far from bad or sloppily put together, but lacking notable gags or even a unique song choice in its 97-second runtime. Some of the new animals (such as a beluga whale and an octopus) are interesting to see, even if the "Hand" gag feels like a retread of the Tank Gang sequences from the original film. I'm not hyped for this one at all really, but PIXAR has a mighty fine track record when it comes to knocking my socks off with their movies, so hopefully the final film is up to par.

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