Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Trailer For Our Brand Is Crisis Has Sandra Bullock Facing A....Well, Crisis, I Guess

After a dynamite 2013, a year where she headlining two $150+ million grossing movies and got another Oscar nomination for her leading turn in Gravity, Sandra Bullock has remained off the radar, sans providing the voice of Scarlet Overkill in Minions. Well folks, the star of one of the worst Best Picture nominees of all-time (yes, I'm talking about The Blind Side) has returned, this time starring in the motion picture Our Brand Is Crisis, which just released a trailer that you can watch below.

I was unaware of this being such a comedic project until I watched the trailer, and while none of the gags really worked for me, Bullock has serious comic chops, so hopefully the final film will have her involved in more successful attempts at humor. I'm also kind of wishing this trailer didn't quite reveal so much, as Bullocks entire character arc (including what I'm assuming is the moment where she finally realizes the countries poor living conditions when she confronts someone named Eddie) seems like it's just played out entirely in this two and a half minute piece of promotional material.

Still, that cast (hello Billy Bob Thornton!) is excellent and it actually wouldn't shock me if this was one of those darker movies that gets a more upbeat marketing campaign in order to lure in potential moviegoers. And hey, it can't be worse than The Blind Side, right? God, I hope not.

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