Thursday, October 13, 2016

A New Rogue One Trailer Has Mads Mikkelsen And Ben Mendelsohn Meeting And There's Also Some Star Wars Stuff

There's one movie coming out in December everyone around the world has been looking forward to for years now, especially given how the director of said movie recently directed a Warner Bros. summer blockbuster that debuted in May and was a major box office hit. This film revealed a trailer this past Spring and since then anticipation has mounted and mounted and such eagerness will likely only increase in the future. This movie is called Incarnate and is about Aaron Eckhart using Inception technology to fight a demon in a young boy's mind. Also coming out in December is something called Rogue One, which released a new trailer today you can watch below.

Sorry to sound like a "fanboy" or "Disney shill" or whatever for expressing a uniformly positive opinion but goodness gracious I really love this trailer! I love the cinematography, particularly at the start with the Mads Mikkelsen-centered flashback (why am I getting Akira Kurosawa visual vibes from that scene?) and the action scenes that really sell the scope of these battles, the Rebel soldiers feel truly dwarfed by the AT-AT's and such they're encountering. And I love love love that not only are Mads Mikkelsen and Ben Mendelsohn in a Star Wars movie, they share scenes together!!!

The Star Wars franchise came back in full force with the super fun and engaging Star Wars: The Force Awakens last December and hopefully Rogue One continues that trend. This Rogue One certainly instills me with that feeling rebellions are built on...hope! Oh, and yeah, it's totally fan-service 101, but I'll freely admit I squealed when I saw Darth Vader emerge from the smoke. I appreciate that that's the only full-on glimpse we've seen of him in the marketing so far (glad we'll be able to hear James Earl Jones new Vader vocals for the first time in a theatrical setting), but that singular shot they've shown in this trailer really does bring back some menace to Mr. Vader after his big "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" moment in Episode III.

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