Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Things Get Madly Awesome In New Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

It's been nearly three years since Max Max: Fury Road started filming, but the film is almost ready to arrive to movie theaters everywhere. Seven weeks are left until the feature graces our eyeballs, and I for one can't wait any longer. The newest trailer for the movie has arrived and you can watch it below, and I seriously urge you to watch this bad boy in 1080 picture quality. You'll thank me later.

Good God, the gorgeousness in this movie is making my brain melt. I know I should sound more analytically than that but...nah, I'm not apologizing for that response, a trailer as incredible as this one can only be accurately summed up in such a manner. I mean, did you see that? There was a rock concert on wheels!!! Plus, Charlize Theron doing awesome things, cars flying all over in incredible fashion and oh boy, what a lovely day it is!

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