Monday, March 23, 2015

The Russo Brothers Are Going To War...The Avengers: Infinity War That Is!

It's pretty much a given that Joss Whedon is out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe once Age Of Ultron is released (can't imagine how writing & directing two $220+ million budget movies PLUS being a showrunner on Agents of SHIELD could tire a guy out enough to make him want a break!), so the hunt has been on for a director for the next Avengers adventure, Infinity War (Parts One & Two).
Badass Digest broke the scoop on whose handling the film...The Russo Brothers, Anthony and Joe Russo! This duo handled Captain America: The Winter Soldier to tremendous success, and are about to start filming Captain America: Civil War. Thanks to their passion for the world of Marvel, it's no surprise to see them handling the biggest event in the history of the MCU. Exciting exciting news, though I do wish outlets reporting this breaking news would credit Badass Digest for notifying the world of this exciting development first.

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