Thursday, March 12, 2015

Frozen 2 Confirms That Disney Won't Let It Go

You know what? Frozen's awesome. I know the backlash on the film (which gets really vicious, sexist and nonsensical) has overtaken it's reputation and reduced the feature to be known as "the flick with that one song" in it, but a revisit of the film last fall confirmed to me that the 2013 feature is actually extremely well made and engaging. The songs are well-written, Olaf is excellent comic relief (it's smart how his gags never derive from being loud or obnoxious, but rather from his sincere optimism) and the emotional moments of the film are excellently executed.

I'm certainly not the only one to have enjoyed the movie considering it's $1.2 billion dollar box office haul (it's the fifth biggest movie of all-time!), and so, we all knew this was coming right? Frozen 2 is coming soon. No release date confirmed (I'd suspect it'll take one of the two 2018 dates Disney reserved for Walt Disney Animation Studios features, though there's a good chance it could come out sometime in 2017), but Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee are returning to direct and Josh Gad will be back as Olaf. I'm not sure there's a lot of story potential here for a sequel, but I also understand that if a movie make that much cash, it'd honestly be irresponsible not to get a sequel going. With the same creative team from the first movie involved in this sequel, hopefully Frozen 2 builds a worthy follow-up, as well as maybe a snowman or two.

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