Friday, March 20, 2015

Get Lost In The Trailer For Paper Towns

Few movies took me as much by surprise last year as The Fault In Our Stars. I thought that movie would be a cliche ridden mess (though an extended trailer actually convinced me that the movie may have something more to it), not a thoughtful exploration of pain and grief. As one might imagine, that sort of quality makes me eager to see the next adaptation of piece of work by John Green (the man who wrote The Fault In Our Stars book). It turns out that such a film is one the way, this one called Paper Towns. It comes out July 24th, but the first trailer can be viewed below now!

This one's plot feels a little more muddled than TFIOS, but otherwise, this does look stellar. The acting seems nice, and like TFIOS, it does seem to be tackling real issues with care, not melodrama. I'm certainly "OK" with how the film looks right now and can't wait to see Paper Towns in it's entirety.

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