Tuesday, December 8, 2015

"You're The World's Worst Detective": Shane Blacks The Nice Guys Has A Red-Band Trailer!

Just three days ago, the world got the very first look at the next feature from Shane Black, the director Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang and the most underrated Marvel Cinematic Universe film (along with Age of Ultron and the first Captain America and Thor films) Iron Man 3. While a small portion of internet trolls took the release of this trailer to whine about Black changing The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 (which they reeeealllly need to get over at this point, The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 is brilliant), the rest of the population basked in the glory of what may honestly be my new most anticipated film of next year.

Keep in mind, 2016 is giving me Captain America: Civil War and new films from Richard Linklater, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg and The Coen Brothers. That's a helluva accomplishment, but The Nice Guys just has that good of a trailer. Check it out below!

Between this trailer and Ryan Goslings surprisingly great performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, it's been a nice few days for goofy Gosling, a sharp contrast to the more silently stern demeanor he's developed from his work in films like Drive and The Place Beyond The Pines Seeing him play the goofy counterpart to Russel Crowes seen it all character provides tons of amusement in this trailer, particularly when Crowe confronts Gosling in a bathroom stall.

Oh, and Black looks like he's only continuing to grow as a director considering how well shot this trailer (that gag about Gosling tossing Crowe a gun could have gone askew if the visual direction of the gag had even been missed by a second, but instead, the sharp direction of the trailer makes it work like gangbusters) and everything else from the song choice to the costumes in this trailer makes me want to see this film, like, right now. To quote one of Goslings best films in his resume, I'm in crazy stupid love with this trailer for The Nice Guys.

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