Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Denzel Washington Is On Horseback, Emily Blunt Is On A Train And Brian De Palma Is On Display In This Batch Of New Movie Trailers

Just as the sun sets, the rivers flow and David DeCoteau directs eight feature films a year, another inevitability has occurred today; new movie trailers have descended from the heavens to deliver new footage of films you may or may not see in the coming months. That's less of a question for me though, I'll almost certainly see all three of these movies. I mean, I saw Fifty Shades Of Black in its theatrical run for Christs sake. At this point, I'll just wander the Earth for the remainder of my days, watching any movie that crosses my path in an attempt sear the memory of films like Sucker Punch from my brain.

Anywho, with that bout of existentialism out of the way, let's look at four new movie trailers!
The Magnificent Seven
Antoine Fuqua has been on a losing streak for me in recent years, with the likes of Olympus Has Fallen, The Equalizer and Southpaw leaving me more underwhelmed than anything else. Just when I thought I was out of looking forward to one of his movies, this trailer for his take on The Magnificent Seven drops. Starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt (the latter apparently back in swaggering rogue mode after detouring into generic stoicness with Jurassic World), this one looks like an utter blast. Bonus points for letting the extremely talented Vincent D'Onofrio play a good guy this time around!
De Palma
The 1970's brought a tidal wave of talent to Hollywood and among those names was Brian De Palma, a filmmaker who, in case it wasn't clear, is at the center of the new documentary from Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow. Hearing Brian De Palma spin many yarns about his decades of experience working in Hollywood? Sounds like a potentially fascinating time to me and the trailer for this one seems to establish the structure of the film (apparently it'll be concentrated solely on De Palma recounting his life's work and the eras surrounding his films) and has put this one directly on my radar.
.....whoever was in charge of picking the music for this one should be immediately fired. Even Duncan Jones is having to go into damage control mode after this misfire of a trailer:
The Girl On The Train
Emily Blunt headlining a drama? After Sicario, I say yes please to that proposition. While the choice of director here doesn't inspire a ton of confidence (Tate Taylor is helming this one and he's responsible for the well-acted but middling 2011 feature The Help), there's enough intriguing imagery and that murderer's row of supporting actors here to soothe some of my fears for now. Also of note; this looks to be Haley Bennett's year, between this, the aforementioned The Magnificent Seven, Thank You For Your Service and appearing in new movies from Terrence Malick and Warren Beatty.

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