Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Expendables 3 Fire Away A New Trailer Filled With Mel Gibson Antics

These character posters just befuddle me, especially
since Gibson seems to be the only actor in character
Last years Machete Kills was dumb enough enough in many respects to make an average Adam Sandler feature look complex, but its sense of fun was infectious enough to make it a watchable outing. Much of the fun came from Gibsons hammy turn as a villain who had cosmic ambitions, a role the actor wouldn't have even considered prior to his anti-Semitic controversies. Now, Gibson continues to pay homage to his heydays in the 80's as an action stars by being the maniacal baddie in The Expendables 3. The new trailer gives him and the films numerous cast members time to shine, so check it out below.

Well now, that looks like it could be fun. I wish they had gotten some well known younger actors to play the new recruits that bounce off against the older Expendables (wouldn't it have been just awesome to see someone like Chris Pratt square off against Dolph Lundgreen?), but otherwise this looks a fun outing that will become an extremely fun time at the movies so long as they go more for the fun tone of The Expendables 2 and avoid the stupidly somber atmosphere of the atrocious first Expendables movie.

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