Saturday, June 7, 2014

Peyton Reed, The Director of Bring It On, To Direct Marvel's Ant-Man

For Ant-Man, it's been a rough few weeks. Edgar Wright, the original director of the film, left the project leaving Marvel with a PR headache and the internet to quiver in rage. Despite my undying love of Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is one of the best movies ever made), I did feel like some of the fanboy communities indignant responses were starting to be hyperbolic. After all, some of the new directors tossed around included Adam McKay, David Wain and Nicholas Stoller sounded more than capable of handling a Marvel feature.

Putting an end to one of the most anticipated directing announcements ever, today, they've confirmed who will now handle Ant-Man's first cinematic journey.

And the winner is...Peyton Reed!

Yep, the man they've gone with is Peyton Reed, which feels like a humongous step-down to go from the man behind The World's End to the dude who brought us Yes Man. Then again, Marvel Studios has brought some even more unorthodox directing choices (The Russo Brothers and Jon Favreau namely) to their stable to excellent results. Still, I do wish we could not only get more closure on the whole Edgar Wright fiasco (what truly went down in those last few weeks?) but also got a director that could assure us more that this film won't wind up being a fiasco.

If you'll excuse me now, I'm gonna go contemplate what could have been in Edgars version while eating bread. Man, I could honestly eat bread for every meal. Or just eat it all the time without ever stopping.

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