Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Wanna See That!: Space Jam

I find it weird that Sylvester got to be on this CD cover and not Daffy.
In this Thursday fixture, I Wanna See That!, I take a look at specific trailers that are both well crafted and have some kind of importance to them beyond just informing you a film is coming soon. This week, welcome to the jam as I start my epic coverage of the 1990's film Space Jam by taking a look at its trailer.

I thought after Nathan Rabin's epic write-up on it on The Dissolve last Fall, there was nothing more to say about Space Jam. the 1996 film that either infuriates an average reader or brings someone to their nostalgic apex. And yet, as someone who grew up with a generation of kids whose only major exposure to Bugs Bunny is through this film (horrifying to hear I know. Luckily, I'm not one of those kids! Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng for life!), I feel like I can say something unique to this film.

Look for a massive article about that next week, but in the meantime, let's take a look at the trailer for this film, shall we?

Now, imagine it's Late Summer 1996, and you're sitting there, when flashing words pop up. Dan LaFontaines unmistakable voices booms through out the theater. On November 15th, he proclaims, the world will never be the same! Now what on Earth could this...IS THAT MICHAEL JORDAN?!? And is...that's Porky Pig! And Bugs Bunny! And...Bill Murray? By the end of it, anyone of the 90's was likely not just interested; they likely felt that LaFontaine's proclamation that the world will never be the same after the film came out was a gross understate.

Separating the trailer from all the hype of the movie coming out, it's interesting to note how the trailer is not only short in its entirety (only 66 seconds) but how much of the trailer consists of voice over narration. It's almost commanding you to "LOVE THIS. ITS JORDAN AND LOONEY TUNES. LOVE IT. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY" Very little of Jordan's incredible acting skills (#sarcasm) are put on display, and very little of the crazy antics that Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and their gang were known for. But perhaps just the thought of the two brands, I'm sorry, characters merging for an epic cinematic event was enough.

Let's find out Tuesday (which will take place of next weeks So, I Was On Netflix installment) when I cover this 90's "gem" in an epic takedown. I can guarantee it won't be as good as Rabin's take (what is?), but I can also guarantee that my perspective on this film, which has had a very interesting impact on my generation, is still gonna be very very interesting.

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