Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Wanna See That!: Battle Los Angeles

In this Thursday fixture, I Wanna See That!, I take a look at specific trailers that are both well crafted and have some kind of importance to them beyond just informing you a film is coming soon.

Let's get one thing straight; Battle Los Angeles is probably one of the worst big budget movies made in recent years. Incoherently shot, stupidly written and with characters blander than Wheat bread, it's pretty much a failure on all levels. But there's a reason it was only the second movie of 2011 to make over $35 million in its opening weekend. Because, well, let's get one other thing straight; the marketing on this was masterful. Sublime. And it all kicked off with this beautiful trailer.

Right of the bat, we're shown several cryptic photos that have extraterrestrial connections, which fade into the song called The Sun's Gone Dim by Johann Johanssonn. I remember this music just blowing my mind the first time I saw it, as it was the first time my body had ever heard anything resembling electronic music. It's unique rhythm and voice not only made the whole affair distinctive, but also meshed well with the equally distinctive images shown in the trailer.

Not much plot is given, but really what else is needed in a trailer beyond what's given here? Aliens are coming and all Hell shall break loose. By the time it concludes, with a screeching, high-pitched noise set to the image of an alien creeping up on an unsuspecting soldier, they have enough confidence that the audience will be invested in this project that they won't even tell you the title. All you need to know is that date, 3*11*11. Be there, or be square. If only the movie had half the effectiveness of this trailer, because man, this ones a gem.

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