Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Trailers: What's Black And White And Beating Up Josh Brolin?

Three new trailers went up today, for a wide variety of film. For your convenience, I decided, why not just compile these bad boys into one mega-super-awesome trailer article?

First up; Penguins of Madagascar. I have a soft spot for the Madagascar franchise, even if the second one was terrible. This one however looks...iffy. I wish there was a bit more substance and story going on ehre, but at least Tumblr should get a kick out of Benedict Cumberbatch voicing an animated character. And a wolf at that! Way to get the furry audience hooked DreamWorks!

LAIKA Animation has become a reliable little studio in the past 5 years, with their first two features (Coraline and ParaNorman) being charming and terrific films. Next up for them is a more light-hearted venture, The Boxtrolls. The whole trailer feels very frantic, but I have a feeling they're just doing that to make the film more appealing to the casual audience member, who likely equate being loud with being funny. Here's hoping this one follows in those aforementioned two movies footsteps come September 26th.

And finally, the long awaited sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For gets a new trailer that highlights all of the violence, unique imagery and A-list actors that make up the film. Without having seen the first film, I can say that the film looks intriguing, but I worry that the visual ambitiousness may overwhelm the storytelling. We can all find out when this 3D film arrives August 22nd.

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