Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dwayne Johnson Jumps On A Boar In Trailer For Hercules

I swear to God, Hercules looks so much like a parody to me it's unnerving. The song choice, the hammy dialogue that doesn't mesh with the uber-serious tone, the big actors (John Hurt, why???), it just all feels like some SNL skit gone haywire. Instead, this is an actual movie opening up in 3500+ theaters on July 25th that only has me not entirely dismissing it due to the fact that I absolutely love Dwayne Johnson. Plus, if it plays up all the camp value it's premise has it could still be a dumb fun time at the cinema.

You can enjoy Dwayne Johnson engaging in fist and swordfights with mystical CGI beasties on July 25th.

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