Thursday, November 5, 2015

God's Not Dead 2 Trailer Sticks Up For The Little Guy...The Little Guy Being White Christians

I thought it was over.

God's Not Dead tested me in ways that you can't imagine, it's spiteful, hateful soul repelling me like few films ever have. Once the credits rolled, I hoped that'd be the end of it all...but in the pit of my heart, I knew the tremendous box office meant there would likely be a sequel. Well, here it is folks. Before Hellboy 3 graces movie theaters, we get the continuing adventures of Bigots 'R' Us, AKA God's Not Dead 2. The first trailer is below, and if you wanna watch it and read my rant on it, just march onward into the abyss.

Let's get something straight here; the reason public schools don't advocate for Christianity is because of the concept of "Separation Of Church And State". Schools, which are connected to the larger American government, try to remain neutral in representation of religion in order to ensure that the numerous theologies existing in our great land can have room to breathe. As usual, the idea of tolerance for other religions has led to a bunch of Christians to get up in arms about "persecution" (see also: the War On Christmas).

As a Christian, I just sort of facepalm when this sort of idea comes up, and it looks like God's Not Dead 2 will be running with this false sense of "persecution" for an entire plotline. Truth be told, this trailer would play out like a perfect parody of conventional marketing materials for modern day Christian features, considering it's ham-fisted dialogue ("We're at war!"), bland visual style and over-the-top bad guy (seriously, the villain in this movie is so overly evil he makes Emperor Palpatine look like Ranger Rick).

However, I will say this; this trailer does have one awesome moment of beautiful over-the-top terribleness. Coming in towards the end, Ernie Hudson, as the Judge in a court session, barks out at our protagonist "You're out of order! I charge you with contempt!" And then, in a fit of rage, he bangs the gavel down.....AND BREAKS IT. That's a wonderfully oblivious over-the-top moment, though I imagine the rest of the motion picture will be sorely lacking such instances of bombasticness and instead will resort to cruelty and hatred. Yippee.

The only question that remains is whose gonna get run over by a car in this one? A gay rights activist? A feminist? Kevin Sorbo's twin brother? The possibilities are endless!

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