Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today, in the United States Of America, is Thanksgiving, or as its known to marketers "That weird holiday in-between Halloween and Christmas that we can't make toys for". This is a day where we give thanks to the things in our life that truly make our existence worthwhile, and for me, I'd easily say getting the chance to write for this website is one such item I'm most grateful for. Other things I'm grateful for? Well, in the realm of pop culture, I'm super grateful PIXAR delivered another masterpiece in Inside Out this year, Jessica Jones sure is thought-provoking and awesome, and oh boy how about that Civil War trailer, right? Plus, having some awesome family members, friends and my fellow Solute writers and readers are pretty spectacular too.

I hope today you, dear reader, get the chance to be spend time with the ones you're grateful for, whether the folks you're grateful for having are family, friends, pets, lovers, co-workers, etc., just make sure to take the time to appreciate their presence today. Oh, and I hope you have a mighty fine Thanksgiving holiday, one that you can be thankful for having in years to come. So go forth, enjoy that Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and eat lots and lots of food! I know I myself will be stuffing my face silly with rolls!

Oh, and best of luck with that one relative who'll be raving about Ben Carson and Breitbart during the Thanksgiving dinner.

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