Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Calling All Hairy No-Butts! Mystery Science Theater 3000 Could Come Back...With Your Help!

If you have an ardent fanbase, no show is really cancelled, not in this day and age. Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, Full House, Gilmore Girls are all back after years of cancellation, and even movies like Wet Hot American Summer can be revived in the form of a Netflix TV show after years off the air. And now it looks like Mystery Science Theater 3000 is trying to follow in the footsteps of those television programs and come back from the dead! I tell ya, this is the most exciting new I've heard since I got told that I won that essay contest!

Yep, all of our favorite characters from the Satellite of Love are trying to return, and Joel Hodgson has started up a kickstarter to get new episodes of the show created. According to a message from Hodgson on the kickstarter page, the hope is to not only create new episodes of the program via crowfunding, but show executives who could potentially finance future episodes of MST3K that there's an audience for the show in the modern age.

So could we be seeing Crow T. Robot, Mike Servo and Gypsy on, say, Netflix in the near future? Judging by the fact that, at the time of this writing, the project has already raked up over $50,000 dollars after being up for just under an hour (their lowest goal on the Kickstarter page is to get $2.2 million to create three new episodes of the show), I'd say there's a great chance! To donate to this cause, as well as see a video of Joel Hodgson and all your favorite bots chit chat about the project, just click here,

To close out this fantastic news, how about we take a look at a clip from my all-time favorite MST3K episode, Laserblast???

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