Monday, November 30, 2015

The Next Mission: Impossible Movie Has A Familiar Director, Christopher McQuarrie!

If you're a fan of the Mission: Impossible movies like me, well, you're well aware of how long it takes to get one of these movies off the ground. Between the first and second installments in the franchise there was a four year long wait, while there was more than a five year wait for both the third and fourth movies. After the tremendous success of the newest Mission: Impossible movie, Rogue Nation (which grossed $195 million domestically and over $680 million worldwide), Paramount is waiting no time to get another entry in the saga going, with an August 2016 start date planned for the sixth film in this franchise.

If they follow the schedule of most blockbusters (i.e. the movie gets released about one year after they start filming), that would give Mission: Impossible 6 the exact same late summer release date that Rogue Nation flourished in. But before they start filming, they need a director, and it turns out Christopher McQuarrie confirmed on Twitter this morning that he'll be helming the next installment of Ethan Hunts adventures.

McQuarrie was the individual in charge of directing Rogue Nation, and boy did he do a great job, establishing himself as a filmmaker with real chops. But I won't lie; I like how each new Mission: Impossible film up to this point brought a new filmmaker to the table, and the prospect of who would take over for McQuarrie was an exciting one (I was personally hoping for either Darren Aronofsky or Lexi Alexander). Considering how good of a working relationship McQuarrie has with Tom Cruise (they also worked together on Jack Reacher, Edge of Tomorrow and Valkyrie), I suppose it's not too much of a shock he's back. And considering what an excellent job he did with Rogue Nation, he's obviously not a bad pick at all to bring the next Mission: Impossible adventure to life.

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