Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Makers Of Vampires Suck Return To Parody Fast & Furious In Trailer For SuperFast. God Help Us All.

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. Two filmmakers who have had a massive impact on pop culture for all the wrong reasons. I've only seen one of their films (The Starving Games) and it was more than enough to convince me to stay far, far away from the rest of their work. But never fear folks; they have returned to deliver their take on the Fast & Furious franchise, in a film called SuperFast, which has a trailer you can watch (or don't. Please don't.) below.

To the trailer's minimal credit, there's not too much in here that's offensively bad. I didn't see blatant homophobia or anything in there (it does look like women will be merely objectified prizes though) , but that's pretty much it in terms of "praise". The film looks shoddy as hell from a production stand-point, and it's kind of weird that they're primarily making fun of the first Fast & Furious film and not later entries (the only thing pops up from those later F&F features is a parody of Dwayne Johnson's character). A peculiar choice that's one of numerous questions about this production, chef among such inquires being who in the hell funded this project thinking it would benefit mankind in any notable way.

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