Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Who Should Play The New Spider-Man?

A barrage of questions hinge on the extraordinary news that Sony and Marvel Studios are teaming up to incorporate Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with him popping up in an MCU movie before his own solo feature in July 2017. But here's the million dollar question everybody's wondering...who should play the legendary web-crawler?

If this new incarnation of Spider-Man goes the route of Peter Parker like the last two trilogies. there's one or two potentially interesting choices to play the character. Not only does this new Spidey have to be talented, but also young. I don't want another mid-20's actor playing the web-slinger, I want him to be a high schooler who can contrast with the older members of The Avengers like Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Scott Lang. The star of one of the most underrated 2013 films in my book, The Way Way Back, Liam James, would be a good pick in both regards. Timothee Chalamet (who was on the shortlist reportedly to play Cyclops in X-Men: Apocalypse) would also be a good pick for the part, and Ansel Elgort could also fit into the role well, though he may be a bit too stereotypical "handsome" for Peter, a trap that Andrew Garfield fell into when portraying the character.
Tony Revolori, as seen in The Grand Budapest Hotel
On a personal level, I'm more than hoping for Miles Morales to be the lead this time around. We've had five Peter Parker films, let's give someone else a shot at donning the famous super suit this go-around! For Morales, I'm really beating the drum on Tony Revolori to play the character. He was excellent in The Grand Budapest Hotel (how Robert Duvall beat him out in Best Supporting Actor this year is a mystery) and I have a hunch he could pull off, in a contrast to his amiable bellhop personality Zero in the aforementioned Wes Anderson film, the more reluctant hero personality that marks Miles Morales.

Of course, Peter and Miles aren't the only two possibilities. Ben Reily could also be a potential lead, though I like to imagine that whole clone saga didn't even happen myself. They could also go the route of recent comics and have Spider-Gwen, who as you can likely guess is Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man persona, run shoulders with The Avengers. Lots of possibilities here, but I'm hoping for Tony Revolori as Miles Morales the most myself. Of course, Spider-Gwen sounds like it could be fun, especially if they got Emma Stone back to play the character, It'd be a nice way to compensate for utterly wasting her in the two Amazing Spider-Man features.

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