Friday, February 27, 2015

Come On And Grab Your Friends...And Go See The Adventure Time Movie!

I've always thought Adventure Time would make a damn fine, with my dream scenario being that Guillermo Del Toro would handle a ballsy live-action version of the program. The next thing has just been announced though, as Deadline reports an animated feature film based on Adventure Time is in development.

It's great to hear this project's happening, as there's limitless potential in a cinematic Adventure Time film (plus, hand-drawn animation on the big screen is never a bad thing...unless it's The Jungle Book 2). It also shows a renewed faith in feature film animation for Warner Bros., whose numerous box office duds (Quest For Camelot and sadly The Iron Giant and, to a much much lesser degree, Legend Of The Guardians) kept them from achieving the successful heights of Disney. The LEGO Movie has changed all that, and the studio has numerous LEGO spin-offs coming out, as well as projects like Adventure Time: The Movie.

This is the first theatrical film to be based on a Cartoon Network property since The Powerpuff Girls Movie, but rest assured, if this makes tons of cash, Warner Bros. will likely have Regular Show: The Movie and Uncle Grandpa: The Search For More Money ready to go.

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