Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Survival Is Of The Utmost Important In New Trailer For The Martian

So many great looking movies are headed this way this fall and one of those is The Martian, the newest film from director Ridley Scott. Although his recent directorial efforts (namely Exodus: Of Gods And Kings and The Counselor) have been major misses,  this one's got such an interesting story (written by Drew Goddard to boot!) and one of the best casts I've ever seen that I can't help but be excited for it. Doesn't hurt that the trailers for this one have been incredible so far, including a new trailer just released this morning that you can watch below!

This new trailer isn't quite as good as that first teaser (which really put the film on the map, it was that good), but damn if this one still doesn't leave its own impression. More glimpses of the ensemble cast (MICHAEL FREAKING PENA!!!!) as well as additional peeks at Damon adjusting to his Mars existence populate the trailer, though I wish this and the teaser weren't quite so spoilery. It's a minor complaint, but still something to keep in mind when advertising future event movies of this stature.

As someone who hasn't read the book and is simply coming to this project with a love for sci-fi and the cast, the trailers for The Martian have certainly made this one of my more anticipated movies for the rest of 2015. And yes, even with Ridley Scotts recent misses like The Counselor, I still eagerly await this film; after all, Scott made a little sci-fi gem called Alien a few decades back, so he knows his way around the world of sci-fi storytelling.

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