Thursday, August 27, 2015

First Image Of Michael Fassbender As The Lead Of The Assassins Creed Movie Revealed!

It's taken years of development, but it looks like the Michael Fassbender starring feature film based on the Assassins Creed video games is officially a-go. Set for a Christmas Day 2016 release, 20th Century Fox has today released the first image (via Yahoo Movies) of the films main character being played by Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender. Check out the image as well as the name of this new character (yes, he's all new to the universe of Assassin's Creed) below!

Apparently, this fellow is named Callum Lynch and his appearance (hood with kinfey looking things popping out of his hands) fits well into the visual of the assassins seen in the numerous Ubisoft video games that the film is based on. It also looks like they'll be keeping the recurring framing device of the games, wherein someone from the present discovers their related to a famous assassin. Having never played the Assassins Creed video games, my interest in this one derives mainly from the cast (Marion Cotillard is also in this one). Hopefully further info about the plot and characters ramps up my anticipation further!

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