Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Love The Coopers Hopes You'll Love Their First Trailer

CBS Films (the beloved studio responsible for such films as Inside Llewyn Davis and The Back-Up Plan) released the first trailer for their upcoming Christmas comedy, Love The Coopers. This movie looks to play by the equation of "holiday+ensemble cast=money" that Garry Marshalls Valentines Day and New Years Eve played by (that director will return to that style of storytelling with next years Mothers Day). You can check out the trailer for the newest film from director Jessie Nelson (her last directorial effort was 2001 Sean Penn drama I Am Sam).

A lot of the jokes (namely the "what is your name" joke with Olivia Wilde) feel like they were written more for a hackneyed sitcom than a major motion picture, so I'' just concentrate more on the cast than the jokes that are present in this trailer. Always great to see John Goodman and Diane Keaton out and about, ditto for Alan Arkin, and dammit, why aren't Olivia Wilde and Amanda Seyfried A-list actresses at this point? I'd love to see them in more movies, unless those extra films involved Seyfriend having to be Seth MacFarlanes antagonistic ex-girlfriend again.

After 2011 brought the world cinematic Christmas films from the minds of Aardman and Harold & Kumar, 2012 lacked any new Christmas films in wide release, though 2013 attempted to rectify that by delivering three new holiday themed motion pictures, including Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas and one of the worst movies of the year in my book, Black Nativity. 2014s only contribution to the world of Christmas movies came in the form of the critically reviled Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas, though 2015 looks to bring much diversity in terms of its 3 new Christmas releases. In addition to Love The Coopers, the R-rated comedy The Night Before debuts while the horror movie Krampus will also arrive. Time will tell if Love The Coopers can be better than this middling trailer and stand out from the pack of diverse Christmas movies set to arrive this year.

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