Friday, August 7, 2015

Fantastic Four Off To Rocky Box Office Start With $2.7 Million At Thursday Night Screenings

Marvels first family lifted off last night at Thursday night showings that grossed $2.7 million. In terms of recent Thusday night grosses for this summers blockbusters, that's 32% below last weeks Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation, 57% below Ant-Mans tally three weeks back and 80% above the $1.5 million Pixels garnered two weeks ago. If it plays like Mission Impossible 5 over the weekend, it would make up about $37 million for its opening weekend.

That seems like a reasonable number to hit, although Fantastic Four has had much worse buzz than Ethan Hunts newest adventure, so there's a chance it'll be more frontloaded than that motion picture. Things aren't looking too peachy for the motion picture, though to be entirely fair, this number isn't catastrophic and it might even still squeak past $40 million for the frame.

Meanwhile, The Gift made $585,000 last night, which is a fine tally for the thriller. Not a lot of comparisons for the movie, but its great buzz means it may be able to get past $10 million for the frame. Ricki & The Flash took in only $200,000 last night, which means its unlikely to make over $10 million in its opening weekend, a bit disappointing considering the success Meryl Streep has had in headlining hit movies in pasts Augusts.

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