Wednesday, August 5, 2015

First Deadpool Trailer Isn't Short On Blood Or Quips

I can't believe 2016 is the year where I get movies based on Doctor Strange, Apocalypse and Deadpool, like, how cool is that? I'm not even a huge Deadpool fan, but I just love that studios are embracing the more heightened material from the comic books we all know and love. After conquering Comic-Con, that Deadpool movie has just dropped a trailer that gives viewers a glimpse into the R-rated territory the feature will travel into. Check out the red band trailer below!

Man, doesn't Deadpools outfit look awesome? The X-Men movies have had trouble embracing the nifty costumes of their comic book counterparts ("What were you expecting? Yellow spandex?" anyone?). Ironically, the yellow outfits in X-Men: First Class that bear more than a passing resemblance to the costumes worn by typical X-Men characters look infintley better than those leather get-ups Wolverine and his fellow mutants were saddled with in the original X-Men trilogy. With his bright colors and tangible texture, Deadpools costume once again proves how most of the time, the comic books get things right in terms of costuming (though when it comes to cleavage baring female superhero outfits, maybe an update for the big screen is in order).

The fight sequences we see here are similarly neat to look at, and I'm glad they take a cue from sequences like the climax of The Avengers and set the combat in the daytime, where I can see things clearly. Nighttime battles aren't inherently bad (howdy do glorious action scenes of Pacific Rim!), but sometimes, it's nice to bring the light in. As for the jokes, they range from the great (oh that Green Lantern jab is fun, as is T.J. Millers descriptions of Wade Wilsons face) to the eh (a Rosie O'Donnell joke in 2015? Really?).

I'm concerned that Deadpools shtick is gonna grow tired after two hours, but I do feel hopeful that there may be more substance to the film considering that the emotional interactions between Wade Wilson and his girlfriend aren't undercut in the footage but are preserved as legitimate examples of pathos. If they can mix in that sort of drama effectively with all of the sort of graphic violence and fourth-wall breaking mayhem Deadpool is known for, well, we may just have a truly special and unique feature on our hands.

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