Saturday, May 24, 2014

Let's Get The Party Started!

Well, here I am. To many of you, I've been your High School Film Critic for two years. For others, I've been an internet commentor whose presence you've come to tolerate. Now, I've decided to spread my wings and soar. Yes folks, this is my websites. I've had one or two of these over the years, but this is officially the big one. This is where I really take my love of film and pop culture to the next level.

In addition to movie reviews, which will be published on a regular basis, I'll also be doing unique columns every weekday. Here's the schedule:

Monday:  Box Office Analysis: I take a gander at just what the box office numbers from the previous weekend mean in the bigger picture. For instance, the first entry will discuss what's happened to Adam Sandler, and why his failure may just save his career.

Tuesday: So, I Was On Netflix...: We use Netflix and it's brethren for so much for our entertainment consumption at this point that I'm surprised more notice hasn't been given to this newfound way of enjoy cinema. Each week, I tackle a major movie on Netflix and review it. This week's entry? Don Jon.

Wednesday: Country Music Spotlight/Country Music Spotlight: Now, this day of the week is interesting, because I'll have interchanging columns. Every other week, Franchise will trade off with Country Music. Franchise Frenzy will chronicle notable franchises in cinema history and analyze their impact on pop culture at large, while Country Music Spotlight (which will go up this week, with an article on Florida Georgia Line) will look at a notable country music artist and their career.

Thursday: I Wanna See That!: Ooo! This is the one I'm really excited to write about! Each Thursday, I'll take a look at notable movie trailers and just why their so memorable. This weeks entry is The Social Network.

I also should note I'll be doing box office predictions every Thursday.

Friday: The List: Yeah, I know, Buzzfeed-esque articles proclaiming The Top 10 90's Shows That Make 30 Year Old Men Nostalgic For 5 Minutes have taken over the internet, but it is a unique to format ones ideas, so I might as well give it a shot. This weeks list looks at The Top 5 Seth MacFarlane Voice-Over Performances.

Well guys and gals, I'll be seeing y'all Monday, when I debut the Box Office Analysis as well as my review for X-Men: Days of Future Past (spoiler alert: it's great!!). See you guys then, and thank you for giving me your time and consideration!

P.S. Here's my Previous Work For Those Intrigued.

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