Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Final Batman v. Superman Trailer Brings Brawny Batman Busting Bones. Plus, Wonder Woman Speaks!

It's been ten long months since the first Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was unleashed onto the public. That's keeping in tune with (skipping over Jonah Hex, the two Red movies, Green Lantern and Watchmen) the marketing campaigns for the last three DC Comics features, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Both of those movies had year long marketing campaigns that stretched onto eternity. However, Batman v. Superman had, well, it's had to tackle a bit more negative buzz in its trailers than those three titles. For every trailer (the Comic-Con promo) that goes over well, another piece of the marketing puzzle (the April 2015 teaser trailer and the spoiler heavy December 2015 trailer) just falls flat.

In an attempt to combat the negative buzz surrounding the last Doomsday filled trailer for the film, as well as perhaps steal back some hype from the excellent trailer for fellow 2016 DC Comics motion picture Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. has released a final trailer intended to go out on screenings of Deadpool this weekend. Check out the final trailer and my in-depth thoughts on it below!

Judging by how heavily this trailer concentrates on Batman, it's fairly apparent Warner Bros. is aware that Man of Steel was not the crowdpleasing success with audiences like Batman Begins or Guardians Of The Galaxy. I'm interested to see how they balance the two titular heroes in the film proper, but for this trailer, I'm OK with focusing on Batman since the extended opening scene is pretty cool. Crisply choreographed and shot without a trace of shaky cam (Hooray! Zack Snyder brought a tripod this time around!), it does a good job establishing Batman as a physical presence to be reckoned with. And I do like that Jeremy Irons as Alfred gets to be a crucial part of the mission.

The rest of the trailer is basically footage we've seen over and over again at this point, played over a peppier than expected instrumental rock song. Like the last two trailers, ya get Jesse Eisenberg intoning about how easily power can become corrupted while Henry Cavill stares at the sky in the middle of what looks like a rave. No Doomsday in here, looks like they smartly held him back in this trailer (which they should have done all along), and they've also ditched showing the three heores (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) working together. Oh, and hey! Look at that! Wonder Woman finally gets to speak in one of these trailers! Hooray!

Each new trailer for this movie has carried such a wildly different tone and even perspective (like I said, this one is very much concerned with Batman compared to past marketing materials), that I'm not sure any of these trailers are giving us viewers a good concrete gauge of what to expect in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice as an actual motion picture. Hopefully, it's better than Man of Steel and doesn't feel like a string of sequel set-ups like Iron Man 2 (which isn't outright bad like Man of Steel, though lord is it a mess). Lord knows talented actors like Amy Adams, Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg deserve better than that.

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