Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finn Jones Is Playing Iron Fist In The Marvel Cinematic Universe!

There are four Marvel superheroes set to get individual TV shows on Netflix before teaming up for a miniseries entitled The Defenders that'll air on the same network. Three of those (Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage) have already been cast for a while now, and the fourth, Iron Fist, after months upon months of speculation, just got cast. Ladies and gentleman, meet Finn Jones, the man who'll be playing the first ever live-action incarnation of the superhero Iron Fist.

Debuting back in 1974, Daniel Rand fights crime under the name Iron Fist, utilizing martial arts and mysticism to fight all sorts of bad guys. In the comics, he typically teams up with Luke Cage as the Heroes For Hire and is such good friends with Daredevil that Danny even took over the mantle of Daredevil for a bit to help Matt Murdoch protect his secret identity.

I've never seen Jones in anything, including Game of Thrones (each year I keep telling myself I'll finally get hooked on Game of Thrones....someday, someday), so I'm completely out of the blue in terms of how he'll work acting-wise. I will say it's a tad more than a bit disappointing that they couldn't get an actor of color for the role, since the idea of a Caucasian person playing this role (which, in the comics, involves him becoming a great warrior to an ancient city mostly populated by individuals hailing from Asia) invokes more than a dash of "white savior". That's understandably uncomfortable, and it's gonna be a big elephant in the room as the show goes forward. Iron Fist will apparently star filming in April and will likely debut in January/February 2017 on Netflix.

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